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Think Insurance Services

Think Insurance Services are one of the largest full service independently owned insurance agencies in California and its size allows it to negotiate with its numerous partners, allowing it to provide its clients with the most competetive rates. Over the years, it has served the needs of thousands of clients and are grateful for their trust and confidence in it.

Everyday Think Insurance Services are accountable to placing the interests of its clients first and continue to focus on quality and integrity in everything it does.

Think Insurance Services are committed to treating its employees, clients, and partners with dignity and respect, and make it its goal to assist in the development and growth of all its employees, personally and professionally.

What is insurance options in Think Insurance & Financial Services?

Auto Insurance

Get Instant Auto Insurance Quotes with Think Insurance & Financial Services
As a driver in Pomona, California, you are required to carry some auto insurance protection for your vehicle.
Depending on your goals and personal concerns, the amount of coverage that you may want for your car can vary.
When you work with an independent agency like Think Insurance & Financial Services, you can find a policy that works for your goals and plans.

Home Insurance

Many people scoff at the idea of having homeowners insurance until they need it most. From natural disasters such as wildfires and mudslides to electrical fires and accidents resulting in structural damage, there’s plenty that could happen to your home that makes having solid coverage worthwhile.

Whether you’re a long-time homeowner in Pomona, California, or if you’ve purchased your very first home in Chino Hills, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of an average California homeowners policy:

Unlike auto insurance, it’s not mandatory to carry homeowners insurance. However, your lender may require you to have coverage as a condition of your mortgage. This way, both you and your lender have protection against unforeseen circumstances.

Although your insurance policy covers a lot of things, there may be a few exceptions. For instance, you may have to purchase a separate flood insurance policy, as most insurers do not include it with their regular homeowners coverage.

Whether your policy will completely and totally replace your home in the event of a loss depends on whether it’s a “replacement cost value” policy (which covers the actual costs of complete replacement) or an “actual cash value” policy (which only offers the fair market value or policy limit, whichever is less).

Homeowners who are not able to find adequate coverage on the open market may be eligible to receive special coverage under the California Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan. This step is usually a last resort for homeowners. Under most circumstances, independent agencies like Think Insurance & Financial Services can help customers find and compare quotes for affordable insurance plans from a broad range of carriers.

A solid homeowners insurance policy from an independent agency like Think Insurance & Financial Services is the best way to protect your property and your family from whatever life throws at you.
When you compare online quotes with us, you’ll find a variety of plans from multiple carriers that cover your most valued investments while saving you money.

Condo Insurance

Condominium insurance is similar to rental insurance in that the unit owner is covered.
This coverage includes personal property, damage to the interior of your unit, as well as any improvements.
Since you own your condo and do not have a landlord, your condominium association usually purchases the insurance for the corridors and building structure itself.
As the owner of a condominium in Pomona, California, you may want to consider purchasing a provision that covers you for particular assessments your condominium association makes.
You need to make sure you are insured in the event of an earthquake.

All properties, including those in Chino Hills, Corona and Pomona are different.
Because condo policies vary, you should consider seeking the advice of an independent agent at Think Insurance & Financial Services.
As your independent agent, Think Insurance Services can help you compare condominium insurance quotes.
This makes it easy for you to find an insurance policy that meets your needs and is easy on your budget.

Make Sure Your Insurance is Adequate

Following the fires in California, many affected homeowners experienced one of the following insurance problems:

• Inadequate insurance to value, which means that the dwellings were underinsured
• Increases in the costs of construction

The increase in costs came about because when homeowners rebuild, they must comply with the new California building codes.
Another factor that raised the costs of rebuilding was the need to build new foundations (due to the extreme heat of some fires) and remove debris.

Insure your condo and its contents. As a guideline, the contents limit is usually about 50 percent of the dwelling amount. You are the only one who knows the replacement cost of your personal possessions. When you calculate your contents limits, account for all of your personal property. It is important to note that some kinds of personal property have limited coverage.

If you decide to purchase a “replacement cost policy,” your chances of being able to rebuild your condominium completely are better. With that said, there are numerous replacement cost policies available. Make sure that the replacement cost policy you choose meets all your needs.

Renters Insurance

Renting out a property is different from basic home ownership because you have a different set of responsibilities. As a landlord, your primary responsibility is to the dwelling and the rental practices. As a result, the insurance coverage that you may need in Pomona, California, may not be as extensive as a basic homeowners plan.

Landlord Coverage

As a landlord, the policies that you need for any properties that you own and rent out to others are not the same as the type of coverage you need when you live in a house. As a landlord, you are not responsible for any of the personal belongings that are kept in the dwelling. You are responsible only for the structure of the property.

Depending on your situation and preferences, you may need dwelling fire coverage or a policy that is designed for landlords. Dwelling fire policies will pay for the damage to the structure if a fire occurs, but it will not pay for any property that was in the building.

Finding Appropriate Coverage

The amount of coverage that you want or need may vary. Insurance plans may protect against liability concerns, or they may protect the structure of the property or the surrounding property if your rental has a yard.

By working with an independent agency like Think Insurance & Financial Services, you can narrow down the options and ask a variety of questions so that the plan you select is appropriate for your needs. An agent can explain the terminology, the coverage and the items that are not included in the policy.

Landlords need a different type of insurance coverage to protect personal assets. Even though the belongings inside the property are not a concern, you will want to protect the structure and the building from fires or similar problems. An independent agent from a company like Think Insurance & Financial Services can make it easier to find the best plan for your needs.

Commercial Insurance

If you own a business in Pomona, California, you know how important it is to have commercial insurance coverage that protects you, your employees, and your customers from the unknown. You could spend your valuable time searching for commercial insurance policies on your own, or you could rely on the professionals at an independent agency like Think Insurance & Financial Services instead.

When you choose an independent commercial insurance agent, you are gaining an advocate who has your best interests in mind—not those of the insurance companies. Furthermore, Think Insurance Services here at Think Insurance & Financial Services have access to coverage from several of California’s leading commercial insurance companies.

California Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business owns one or more vehicles, you need commercial auto insurance. Like personal auto coverage, commercial vehicle insurance provides your business with financial protection when one of your vehicles is involved in a car accident, vandalism, theft, or some other covered event. Talk with your insurance agent about commercial auto insurance even if your employees use company vehicles for both work and private use.

California Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

When your company purchases CGL insurance, it is securing coverage for everyday risks that your business faces just by opening its doors. Accidents happen when they are least expected and can cost a business owner thousands of dollars in liability damages. With the right commercial general liability coverage, your business can continue its everyday operations while your insurance policy covers the attorney fees, medical bills, and other damages you are legally responsible for.

California Commercial Property Insurance

If your business operates out of a building, whether leased or owned, you need commercial property insurance. This type of coverage insures your building structure and its contents against covered events. Imagine your business catching fire; how would you pay to rebuild and replace your furnishings, inventory, and equipment? Commercial property insurance is designed to have your business up and running again with as little cost to you as possible.

California Workers Compensation

Despite your best efforts to foster a safe working environment, accidents do happen. Workers compensation protects your employees when they develop a work-related injury or illness. All business owners in California are required to purchase workers compensation coverage for their employees. For more information about the coverage amount right for you, contact one of its helpful agents at Think Insurance & Financial Services.

California Business Owner Package (BOP)

Purchasing BOP coverage is a convenient, all-in-one way of including several types of commercial insurance in a single, easy-to-manage policy. Many business owners prefer a business owner package because it is convenient and easy to manage. Your BOP policy can combine all of your major business property coverage and commercial liability into one simple package.

If you are a business owner in Chino Hills, Corona, or Pomona, contact Think Insurance & Financial Services today. Think Insurance Services will help you find an insurance plan that fits your company’s unique needs at a competitive price you can afford.

Life Insurance

A good life insurance policy is more than just comforting assurance in times of great need. It’s also an investment for the future. If you’re concerned about the financial effect your passing may have on your spouse and dependents, having life insurance can help alleviate some of those worries.

Regardless of whether you’re a long-time resident of Pomona, California, or you’re new to the area, understanding the facts about California life insurance is essential for purchasing the best and most affordable policy available.

The amount of life insurance you’ll need usually depends on a broad range of factors, including your age, occupation and the standard of living you want to provide for your dependents.

It’s important to know the differences among individual life insurance plans. For example, whole life insurance offers coverage for your entire lifetime, whereas term life insurance is valid for a specified length of time. Universal policies offer a greater level of flexibility in terms of premium payments, death benefits and cash values.

Some insurance plans such as whole life and cash value allow you to build cash value that you can use later to cover additional costs or that you can borrow against.

Health Insurance

As a resident of Pomona, California, you can obtain individual or family health insurance when you do not have coverage from an employer. The Affordable Care Act was designed to make the process of finding a policy a little easier, even if you or a family member has a pre-existing condition. Although the state provides a variety of options, finding the best plan for your goals, budget and family may require the help of an independent agent.

Evaluating Your Situation

Before you can find a health insurance policy that is appropriate for your goals, budget and concerns, you must identify those factors. Set a budget so that you can determine whether a particular policy is appropriate for your financial situation. Determine how much coverage you want for your family. Identify any concerns that may impact your approval for the plan.

By determining your concerns and identifying the coverage that you need, it is easier to compare your options and find a plan that is appropriate for your goals.

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