SafeLine Truck Insurance Company

SafeLine Truck Insurance Company

SafeLine Truck Insurance Company

SafeLine Truck Insurance is your reliable commercial truck insurance agency. For a decade it has been helping trucking businesses, small and big, motor carriers and owner operators get optimized coverage that would protect them in all possible situations. It is one of the top providers of commercial auto insurance in California and it understands your truck coverage needs!

It is easy to work with us. SafeLine is a responsible partner to each of its clients. When you call it or visit its office, you always get the assistance you need and professional advice from its experienced agents. If you are looking for a truck insurance quote, one of its licensed agents will provide you with it, helping you optimize your coverage so it would protect your financially and fit in your budget.
SafeLine Truck Insurance will assist you with every step of the process and make sure all your truck insurance questions are answered. With SafeLine Truck Insurance you will get the coverage that will perfectly suit your trucking business needs.

SafeLine Truck Insurance wants you to feel safe financially, and it applies to its insurance rates as well. At SafeLine it understands that all trucking businesses, owner operators and motor carriers have unique insurance needs and financial situations. SafeLine Truck Insurance has some of the most affordable rates for California commercial auto insurance. SafeLine Truck Insurance offers low down payments and flexible payment plans and often have discounts available. Even if you have some problems like a bad driving record, its agents will find a way to get you the right commercial vehicle coverage at the price as low as possible. SafeLine Truck Insurance always have your back!

SafeLine Truck Insurance is your helping hand in getting optimal insurance coverage for every kind of truck, as well as other commercial vehicles. It does semi truck insurance and tow truck insurance, any trailer insurance and cargo insurance. It works with all the coverages, starting from liability insurance and physical damage and ending with Med Pay. At SafeLine you can also insure your passenger vehicles such as buses and limousines.

With SafeLine Truck Insurance you can rest assured your claim will be handled professionally by its highly trained staff. Its team will do their best to help you get back to the business without interruptions to avoid any losses. SafeLine Truck Insurance is also proud of its customer service level. You can call it at any time during its business hours and it will help you with updating your policy and any other insurance matters and questions.

Every driver and every business should be able to get the right insurance coverage and it is its aim to provide it. No matter how big or small your company is and how many point you have on your driver license, SafeLine Truck Insurance will help you protect your livelihood.

what is insurance options in SafeLine Truck Insurance Company?

Semi truck Insurance

Semi trucks are essential to the transportation industry. They are used by many businesses all over the US to cheaply ship goods across the country.
Buying a semi truck can be a good investment that will pay off greatly with time but it is also risky. Big rigs are large sized vehicles and car accidents involving them are dangerous not only to truck drivers but people who they share the road with. According to the statistics, every 16 minutes one person is injured or killed in a truck accident in the United States. Only in 16% of these accidents a truck drivers is at fault. California has the highest number of truck accidents in the country. That’s why the right semi truck insurance is so important.

Accidents involving semi trucks can be very destructive and therefore lead to costly property damage and personal injury lawsuits. You need to have an optimal semi truck insurance to fully protect your investment if your truck is in collision.

Why kind of Semi truck Insurance is right for you?

semi truck insurance Owners of commercial trucks are required to have specialized insurance. You need to carry at least liability coverage to be able to operate a truck legally. It includes property damage and bodily injury coverage. Truck accidents usually end in property damage. This type of motor carrier insurance pays for the damage. Bodily injury coverage is for the physical harm of the accident victims when your truck driver is at fault.

To be more financially secure, you can add more coverage options to your policy. It is a good idea to add physical damage coverage to protect your truck. It includes:

Collision insurance that pays if your truck is damaged in an accident
Comprehensive insurance for the off-road accidents like fire and theft

You should also think about:

Cargo insurance to cover the loss or damage to your valuable cargo, especially important for car movers and haulers of other valuable cargo
Medical insurance to cover any medical costs

There are more options for your truck insurance to help you protect your investment. You have to choose wisely to be sure you are properly covered. Contact SafeLine and learn how you can save on your California semi truck insurance. Its agents will help you build the right policy that will fit your budget. They will explain all the options to you and advise what’s best.

Car Carriers Insurance

Car carriers are trucks used by auto shipping companies, car manufacturers and dealers. This kind of truck can bring great profits to its owner but buying it means investing a lot of money. And owning a car carrier truck requires carrying the right car carriers insurance policy. If your car hauler is damaged in an accident, paying for its repair and any other expenses can be really hurtful for your budget. By having an optimal truck insurance policy, you will protect your investment. Also, carrying proper truck insurance is required by DOT to legally operate a commercial truck. The more vehicles your car carrier hauls, the more you are required to have in insurance.

What Kind of Car Carriers Insurance do you need?

As a car carrier owner, you are required to have liability insurance. It pays for other people’s injuries and damage when you (or your driver) are at fault. It includes:

Property damage. Most of the accidents where car carriers are involved result in damage to the property, often quite extensive. This coverage pays for repair or replacement.
Bodily Injury. This coverage pays for the physical harm when you or your driver is at fault.

As a car carrier, you also have to carry enough cargo insurance. Some companies will not even work with you if you don’t have $250,000 of cargo insurance or often even more. Vehicles are valuable cargo and its theft or damage can result in thousands of dollars in losses.

Other important coverage is physical damage to protect your truck financially, especially if it is not paid off yet. In includes:

Collision insurance that pays if your truck has overturned or collided with another object.
Comprehensive insurance that pays for any damage except collision and overturning.

It is very important to carry a car carrier insurance policy that keeps you fully covered against anything that can happen. A single accident can bring huge financial losses to your business. Some can even make you lose your livelihood. That’s why you should take time to discuss your policy with an experienced agent.

Tow Truck Insurance

When you are an owner operator of a tow truck or you have a business that relies on tow trucks in its everyday routine, you have to take care of your investment. Your clients rely on you with their vehicles and you need to make sure their cars are safe with you. It is not only about being professional and following safety rules while towing the vehicles. It is also about being prepared for all kinds of situations, such as accidents and getting your client’s vehicle damaged. And for these situations you need to carry Tow Truck Insurance. Not to mention, you always have to keep your vehicles properly insured to keep your business safe financially.

What kind of Tow Truck Insurance do you need?

First of all, you are legally required to have Liability Insurance as a commercial truck owner. This coverage will pay for other people’s injuries and property damage if you are at fault.

You also better have Physical Damage Insurance. It will cover your tow truck in case of any damage. This type of truck insurance consists of two parts. The first one is Collision insurance. It pays for all the damage your truck got in a collision no matter who is at fault. Another part is Comprehensive Insurance that covers all the damage from a non-collision incident. While you are not obliged to carry this type of coverage, you are not really protected without it.

On-Hook Towing Insurance is also important for you. It will pay if you damage a customer’s vehicle. You should also consider Cargo Insurance as towing companies are often considered common carriers.

There are also other California Tow Truck Coverages that will be good for your policy. Its SafeLine agents will help you get the truck policy that will be perfect for your business. It offers low down payments and can assist you even if you have a bad driving record.

Dump Truck Insurance

Dump truck is a heavy duty vehicle that is used to transport materials like gravel, sand and dirt. Dump truck insurance is a type of commercial vehicle insurance that is legally required to operate a dump truck. In order to use a dump truck for your business, you need liability insurance coverage.

When you own a business of any sort, you want to keep it protected. It does not matter if you are a private contractor and you have just one dump truck or if you are a company owner with a commercial vehicles fleet, you have invested a lot in your business. You want to make sure your investment is protected.

Dump truck is a large sized vehicle and it is usually used off-road. So whenever there is a collision involving a vehicle of such a size, the damage is quite extensive. If there’s a car crash with a dump truck, it usually brings deadly results. Statistics are quite somber:  every week there is one dump truck fatality in the United States.

That is why you need to take care of your dump truck insurance. It is not just a paper you need to have for the legal reasons. It ensures your financial safety. As any basic commercial truck insurance coverage, it includes property damage liability coverage and minimum bodily injury. This is the basic coverage you need to have to be able to use a dump truck in your business.
But to be sure you have the right dump truck insurance that will protect your business, you can include additional options.

For instance, you can consider the following truck insurance options:


This type of truck insurance can be required if you ship valuable cargo.

Physical damage

Most of the times when you lease a commercial vehicle from a dealership, this type of insurance is required to compensate any damage to your truck.


This type of truck coverage pays to repair the damage done to your truck as a result of a collision with another vehicle or object. It is also a part of physical damage coverage.

Fire and theft

This kind of truck insurance will cover the damages if your dump truck has been in a fire or got stolen.

Tanker Insurance

Tanker trucks are vehicles used to transport liquids, gases and bulk cargo. Getting such a truck for your business can be a great investment. You can ship fuel to gas stations or haul fluids like milk there are many ways to make your investment bring you money. But a tank truck is a costly vehicle to buy and you can’t afford losing money on it if there is an accident. These trucks are heavy and large-sized vehicles. When there is a crash, the damage can be devastatingly great for your budget as well. That is why you need to protect yourself with California Tanker Insurance.

What Tanker Insurance do you need?

You should make sure you have proper California commercial truck insurance policy that will protect you in any situation. There are many coverages you can choose from to make your policy work for you and your business.

Liability Insurance is required by law to operate any commercial truck. Should an accident happen, this coverage will pay for other people’s Bodily Injury and Property Damage when you are at fault. It is important not just because it is legally required, but because it saves you from huge losses if there is a collision.

To protect your truck no matter who is at fault, you need Physical Damage Coverage in your Tanker Insurance policy. Collision coverage will cover you in case of collision with another object, and comprehensive insurance will pay for other situations when your truck is damaged.

It can also be a good idea to get Cargo Insurance to insure your freights. The cost of this coverage depends of kinds of cargo you ship.

Bobtail Insurance

If you are a truck driver and you are leasing a truck from a company, your motor carrier most likely requires that your truck is insured for the time when you are not on duty. Accidents can happen at any time, not just when you are at work, so it is no wonder you are required to be insured against accidents at all times. To be protected when there is no trailer attached to your truck, you need bobtail insurance. It will cover the damage to your truck and injuries no matter who is at fault in an accident.

Bobtail Insurance & Non-Trucking Insurance

Bobtail Insurance and Non-Trucking Insurance are often used interchangeably while they are not quite the same thing. Your motor carrier may require that you have either one of these coverages.

Non-Trucking Insurance only covers you when you are not under dispatch. It is a less expensive coverage and protects you when you are off duty. It pays for the damage and injuries of other people you have caused. This kind of truck insurance coverage only kicks in when you are not hauling any cargo or using the truck for any business purposes. For instance, it covers you when you are driving home.

Bobtail Insurance pays no matter if you are under dispatch or not. For instance, when you are between terminals and not carrying a trailer, this coverage will protect you should anything happen.

Always make sure what your motor carrier requires of you. While Non-Trucking Insurance is usually a cheaper option, Bobtail Insurance can cover you in more cases and is more flexible.

Garbage Truck Insurance

If you have a garbage truck in your business, no matter if you are an owner operator or run a company, you cannot afford losing money over it because of an accident. You have invested a lot in your truck and a single crash can result in thousands of dollars being spent on repairs. That is why you need to make sure your truck is covered with proper Garbage Truck Insurance. It will protect your investment in any situation and keep you from financial problems. Repairing or replacing a garbage truck can become a real burden for your budget without the right policy.

What kind of Garbage Truck Insurance do you need?

Liability Insurance is required to legally operate any commercial truck. It protects you when your garbage truck is at fault and pays to other people involved in the accident. There are two parts in this truck insurance policy: Bodily Injury that covers medical bills and Property Damage that pays for damage of a vehicle or other property.

Physical Damage is another coverage you better have. It will cover expenses to repair or replace your garbage truck even if you are at fault. Collision insurance will protect you in case of collision, and comprehensive insurance will pay for all non-collision incidents. You can’t be fully protected without this kind of insurance.

Med Pay will protect garbage truck driver and cover medical expenses if the truck is involved in an accident regardless of who is at fault.

To get proper California garbage truck insurance policy, that will cover you in any situation, you have to talk to an experienced agent. At SafeLine Truck Insurance it will be happy to offer its help at creating a perfect truck coverage policy for you.

Cement truck insurance

Cement truck is a heavy duty vehicle that carries a device forming concrete in a revolving drum. It is often used by construction companies and landscapers. Many business owners find it a good investment. It can give you an advantage of providing services other companies simply do not offer. But to use a mixer truck in your business, you are going to need cement truck insurance.

So, you have invested in a mixer truck. You might even be still paying it off. You cannot risk losing money over it if there is an accident. That is the reason you need good cement truck insurance. It is not just to use your cement truck legally. It is to ensure you are protected.

Mixer truck is an extra heavy vehicle. Getting it insured is not the same as getting insurance for a car. The damage from a crash involving such a huge truck can be really severe. Trucks like that get inspected by DOT from time to time as it is essential they are safe and operate as they should.

Not every California commercial truck insurance provider can deal with vehicles like a mixer truck. The liability for them is huge. There are also many details to take care of. For instance, what happens if your mixer truck has overturned? Will your business income be protected in case of an accident?

What kind of coverage do you need?

Cement truck insurance falls into the category of commercial vehicle insurance. The basic coverage is usually purchased for property damage and bodily injury. Having liability insurance is required by law. It’s also important as it will cover the expenses for the accident your mixer truck driver is at fault of. You also need physical damage insurance to cover you if your cement truck is damaged. There are different options of this mixer truck insurance and you should discuss them with your insurance agent to choose what is best for your business.

It is also a good idea to have uninsured or under-insured motorist insurance. If another driver is at fault of an accident but is not insured or does not carry enough insurance, you will still be covered with this type of truck insurance.

No matter if you are an independent contractor or a business owner, having the right insurance is essential. SafeLine will be happy to assist you with your cement truck insurance and making your business safe!

Dry Van Trailer Insurance

Dry van is the most common type of trailer in the trucking industry. Generally speaking, there are big empty boxes with no features like temperature control or anything else. They are usually semi trailers and haul freights that are not sensible to the temperature and other conditions. Because truck insurance and cargo insurance do not cover trailers, California Dry Van Trailer Insurance is required to protect the trailer in case of an accident.

Do you need Dry Van Trailer Insurance?

Most of the time a trailer does not belong to a shipping company that is hauling it. That is why customers usually require shipping companies to have dry van trailer insurance so they can protect their assets while the company uses the trailer. This is also called Trailer Interchange Insurance.

Trailer Interchange Insurance is Physical Damage Coverage for trailers. It pays in case of collision, fire and theft, vandalism and other incidents. The trucker that hauls the dry van trailer is responsible for it and has to pay if there’s any damage. That is the reason dry van trailer insurance is required.

When you are getting this kind of coverage, you will need to choose a deductible and a limit. Your deductible shows how much you agree to pay for repairs or replacement, and your limit is how much your insurance will pay. You will have to pay the deductible first, and then your insurance company will pay the rest up to the limit.

Container Insurance

Containers are used to ship cargo on long distances and are built to fit many modes of transport at once. They can be moved from truck to rail and to ship without the cargo being loaded and unloaded. Most of them are dry freight containers that look like long enclosed steel boxes and are used for various types of cargo. Because containers are shipped not just by trucks and often go long distances, it is not always easy to find an insurance company that provides California Container Insurance and it is even harder to find the one that can actually do it right. It takes experience and knowledge of the industry to build container insurance in a correct way.

Container Insurance That Is Right for You

Intermodal trucking, meaning the trucking that uses containers, suggests specially built insurance policies. Containers niche in the industry is growing and the intermodal truckers have to be able to meet all the requirements placed by the UIIA.

Call SafeLine Truck Insurance to customize your Container Insurance today. Its professional agents will include all the needed coverages in your policy and make sure you get the rates as low as they can be in your situation. Your policy will meet all the requirements and protect you financially in every possible way. With SafeLine there will be no gaps in your coverage. It will take care of your insurance needs no matter what kind of trucking business you run and how big it is.

Flatbed Trailer Insurance

Flatbed trailers have a really simple design allowing them carry many kinds of heavy cargo such as vehicles, machinery and other objects. Even though the way it is built is rather simple, it is not always as easy to work with it. Cargo is attached to the trailer and secured using chains or tarps. This process can be dangerous as loads are usually heavy. Flatbed trailers also increase your risk by increasing the stopping time of the truck. They also can fishtail when the wind is high. Because of their simple hitch mechanism, these trailers can be easily stolen. To prevent financial losses, you need Flatbed Trailer Insurance.

Do you need Flatbed Trailer Insurance?

Flatbed Trailer Insurance will protect you should anything happen to your trailer. If it’s involved in an accident or stolen, or if it has caused injuries or damage, this coverage will save you from a hole in your budget. Flatbed trailer is not cheap to replace, so you better take care of your flatbed trailer insurance policy. Make sure you have enough in liability to make amends if your trailer has caused damage or injuries. You should also have Physical Damage coverage in order to repair your flatbed trailer or replace it.

At SafeLine Truck Insurance it knows it all about California Flatbed Trailer Insurance. Whatever kind of trucking business you have, its agents will help you get the insurance policy that will protect your assets in any kind of situation. It will make sure you get the best rates for your truck insurance and have enough coverages to be really safe.

Refrigerated Trailer Insurance

Refrigerated trailer allows shipping chilled goods over long distances. These trailers keep the temperature on the required level and are usually used to ship produce. They often ship meat, retail food and are even used by smaller businesses such as bakeries. Having reefer trailers in your business can bring you great profits. But to protect them, you also need Refrigerated Trailer Insurance. If your trailer is involved in a crash or anything else happens to it interrupting your business, this type of coverage will have your back.

Do you need Refrigerated Trailer Insurance?

You need to protect your trailer in order to be financially covered in any situation. There are many risks for any kind of trailer and you should be aware of them. If there’s a collision, your reefer trailer can be severely damaged. Like any other trailer, it also can become a subject of theft or vandalism. Another risk is that it can break down during shipping, making the cargo go bad. In order to be protected from financial hardship in case any of this happens, you need to carry Refrigerated Trailer Insurance.

SafeLine Truck Insurance agents will be happy to work on your reefer trailer insurance with you. It will make sure your policy has all the coverages you need in order to be financially safe in any situation. No matter what kind of trucking business you are in and how big it is, it will build the right commercial truck insurance for you. It keep the rates as low as possible and offer low down payments. At SafeLine it is always true to its motto: Excellence in truck insurance!

how can i contact SafeLine Truck Insurance Company?

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Phone: 800-671-3007
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