Premier One Insurance Service

Premier One Insurance

Premier One Insurance Service

Premier One is independently owned and locally operated to handle your insurance needs. It focus on Irvine and offer affordable and reliable insurance choices all across California.

Premier One will help you find the right combination of tailored, personalized insurance coverage at just the right price to fit your needs.

Premier One strives to offer you quality insurance coverage, a high level of professional service and a long-term relationship. As independent insurance agents in California, it will research rates and coverage from top insurance companies to find the best insurance rates and insurance plans for you. Premier One do the insurance shopping and comparing for you to save you time and money!

what is insurance options in Premier One Insurance?

Auto Insurance

The state of California requires all drivers to have some way to pay for damages in the event of an auto accident. Although options such as a certificate of self-insurance and surety bonds exist, the best way for California drivers to protect themselves, their automobiles and their passengers is with traditional car insurance. Premier One Insurance, a local independent insurance agency, works with top providers to help customers obtain the vehicle coverage they need.

Coverage Options:

Since the state of California’s minimum requirements are unlikely to cover the expenses incurred in a car crash, the insurance professionals at Premier One Insurance strongly recommend more extensive coverage such as higher liability limits and other policy options available in its state. Because insurance carriers recognize the responsibility of drivers who carry more extensive automobile coverage, these options usually cost less than consumers expect. In addition to extended liability coverage, drivers insured through Premier One can also purchase

Collision insurance to pay for damages to a personal vehicle in the event that the insured causes a car crash
Comprehensive insurance to pay for vehicle damage unrelated to a car crash
Medical and funeral expense coverage to pay for injuries or death of an at-fault driver or any passengers
Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage to protect insured California drivers against damages caused by the over 14 percent of drivers in the state who carry no auto insurance
Towing and roadside assistance to help insured drivers in the event of a breakdown
Rental reimbursement to assist drivers with transportation while a primary vehicle is being repaired following a covered event

Homeowners Insurance

Whether a home is an apartment, condominium or house, that dwelling holds valuable memories as well as personal belongings. Homeowners need to feel comfortable in their homes and secure when they must travel away from home. A homeowners policy from Premier One Insurance can provide this security. Premier One provides policies for

Condo associations
Condo owners
First-time homebuyers
Apartment owners
Seasonal homes
Rental homes
Vacant dwellings

Standard inclusions on homeowners insurance will vary depending on the type of dwelling insured by Premier One Insurance. Its offerings include :

Dwelling coverage
Belongings coverage
Additional living expenses
Medical liability insurance
Personal liability coverage
Extended liability or umbrella coverage
Earthquake insurance
Flood insurance

Renters Insurance

This coverage protects a policy holder’s personal property in the event of a covered disaster that results in the loss, damage or destruction of belongings. It also includes medical coverage for guests should they be injured in a policy holder’s rented home. Furthermore, a renters insurance policy generally includes personal liability coverage to protect a policy holder against personal liability for damage or injury to others anywhere in the world.

Everyone needs security at home. Whether one owns a home or rents from someone else, the peace of mind that comes from knowing one’s belongings and one’s dwelling place are properly insured is invaluable.

Condo Insurance

Condominium insurance is unique. Your condo insurance policy covers your personal property and liability, as well as any additions, alterations and improvements you make to your unit that are your responsibility based on the condo association agreement.

Optional loss assessment coverage is also available to protect you against certain assessments that may be levied by the association. You would be compensated for additional living expenses incurred should you need to vacate your condo after a covered loss. Let Premier One help you find the right amount of coverage to suit your California condo insurance needs.

California Condo Insurance

Condo insurance provides coverage for your personal property and much more. For a few more dollars, you can elect to carry Full Value Personal Property which ensures that you are reimbursed full replacement value without regard for depreciation after a covered loss.

If you have upgraded cabinets or put in hardwood floors, condo building item coverage protects these investments. Be sure to consult your HOA agreement to determine what the Association policy covers and what you are responsible for. If common areas are damaged, your condo association may levy assessments against all the owners to pay the deductible on their association policy.

Various limits of loss assessment coverage are available. Be sure to consult the HOA agreement to determine the potential for such assessments. Premier One can help you determine your coverage needs to make sure you’re properly covered.

Protect Yourself and Your Guests

Your condo insurance policy protects you and your family members against bodily injury and property damage liability claims and any litigation that may result subject to the limits you select. In addition, you can select medical payments coverage which will pay for medical expenses incurred by a visitor who is injured at your residence regardless of fault. Various limits are available.

Extra Coverage Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot

Many people supplement their condo insurance coverage with personal umbrella liability insurance for broader protection. If you have special valuable items such as jewelry, art, antiques or collectibles, ask about our Valuable Articles which provides broader coverage and no deductible in the event of a covered loss.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance protects two types of insurable property: building and contents. The first covers your building, the latter covers your possessions; neither covers the land they occupy.

Building coverage includes

The insured building and its foundation
The electrical and plumbing system
Central air conditioning equipment, furnaces, and water heaters
Refrigerators, cooking stoves, and built-in appliances such as dishwashers
Permanently installed carpeting over unfinished flooring

Contents coverage includes

Clothing, furniture, and electronic equipment
Portable and window air conditioners
Portable microwaves and dishwashers
Carpeting that is not already included in property coverage
Clothing washers and dryers

The two most common reimbursement methods for flood claims are: Replacement Cost Value (RCV) and Actual Cash Value (ACV). RCV is the cost to replace damaged property. It is reimbursable to owners of single-family, primary residences insured to within 80% of the buildings replacement cost.

All other buildings and personal property (i.e. contents) are valued at ACV, which is the RCV at the time of loss, minus physical depreciation. Personal property is always valued using ACV.

Motorcycle Insurance

If you live in California, chances are Premier One covers what you ride. Premier One insures a full spectrum of motorcycles from street cycles, Harley Davidsons, cruisers and touring bikes, to dirt bikes and ATVs.

You May Qualify for Discounts

One of the great advantages of having your motorcycle coverage through a major insurance company like the ones we represent, is that you may save money by having more than one policy with it. Its agency will be able to help calculate how much money you can save. You also may be able to save money on your premiums if your motorcycle is stored in a garage, if you belong to certain rider groups, or if you have taken a safe rider course sponsored by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

About Motorcycle Insurance

Your motorcycle insurance policy can include any or all of the options below.

Custom Parts and Equipment

If you select custom parts coverage, you will receive up to $3,000 in coverage without any additional cost to you. Coverage is available for up to $10,000 in custom parts and equipment.

Roadside Assistance

Your motorcycle insurance policy can provide you with a roadside assistance benefit of up to $300 per breakdown.

Liability Coverage

You can pick the motorcycle insurance coverage that fits your needs. Many insurance companies offer underlying liability limits high enough to satisfy Personal Umbrella requirements, which means that you may be eligible for this additional coverage. In most states, Guest Passenger liability (mandatory on all street bikes) is automatically included at the same limit as your liability selection. Premier One works with multiple insurance companies so it can provide you with multiple motorcycle insurance coverage options at rates you can afford.

Medical Coverage

This coverage provides for certain necessary medical expenses for you and any passenger that are the result of an accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This coverage typically pays for expenses associated with injury or death from an accident caused by an uninsured, underinsured, or hit-and-run driver. It also covers you if you are hit as a pedestrian.

RV Insurance

RV insurance can protect your motorhome, travel trailer, camper and even your horse trailer. Let Premier One help you select the right coverage for your RV needs and get a great price at the same time.

California Recreational Vehicle Insurance

RVs that are for personal, recreational use can be insured for up to 250 days per year. This gives you plenty of time to travel south and enjoy some warmer winter weather or that extended vacation.
Liability coverage provides you with bodily injury and property damage coverage, medical payments, uninsured coverage, and more. Coverage varies by state.
You may be able to choose how your Comprehensive and Collision coverage will be settled in the event of a covered total loss. Options tailored to your needs can include:

Stated Value – market value/actual cash value of the RV
Agreed Value – the insured amount, regardless of the current market value
Replacement Cost – replace your insured RV with a new RV that is most like it

Consider Vacation Liability coverage for when you stop driving and start using your recreational vehicle as a temporary residence. Some policies can include additional coverage for physical damage in Mexico.
Personal Effect Coverage provides replacement cost for damage or loss to items normally used with your RV when physical damage coverage is selected.
Some policies include Roadside Assistance, which has you covered 24/7 in the event of a breakdown or accident. Some will even allow you to upgrade the coverage to include lodging, transportation, and meal coverage if needed.
Ask if customer assistance is available 24/7 to answer all your insurance questions. In the event you have a loss, the insurance companies it work with have skilled claims teams who will work with you to get your RV repaired and back on the road.
Other additional coverage can include: accident forgiveness, pet coverage, diminishing deductible, and more.
Discounts can lower your premium. Ask if you qualify for safe driver discounts, original owner discounts, package discounts and more.
You can save money if you insure more than one item with a single company, including your home, cars, motorcycles, classic cars, and boats.

Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella policy can provide much-needed protection for discerning insurance customers. All insurance comes with limits, but umbrella policies help to extend those limits when bad times become worse. Premier One Insurance offers affordable umbrella policies through a network of top insurance providers. These policies pick up where other insurance policies end, helping customers pick up the pieces more easily following a disaster, medical emergency or legal action against the insured.

Peace of Mind

The umbrella policies we write start at $1,000,000 in additional coverage, and we can write policies with higher limits as well. Its experienced agents cheerfully assist with risk assessments that help its customers choose the right coverage for their situations. A variety of limits and deductible options are available. Because umbrella policies pick up where other policies leave off, they tend to be very affordable, but this type of backup insurance can make a big difference for individuals, families, companies and organizations facing disasters, losses or lawsuits. Prospective customers can get started today by filling out an easy online quote form. provides umbrella policies for both individuals and businesses. Personal umbrella insurance policies help in the event that damage caused in an auto crash exceeds the limits of the driver’s auto policy or in the event that an accident in a home exceeds the limits of a homeowners policy. Corporate policies work in much the same way for business needs and can extend the limits of corporate auto insurance or liability coverage.

Broad Coverage Options

The umbrella policies we write start at $1,000,000 in additional coverage, and we can write policies with higher limits as well. ITs experienced agents cheerfully assist with risk assessments that help its customers choose the right coverage for their situations. A variety of limits and deductible options are available. Because umbrella policies pick up where other policies leave off, they tend to be very affordable, but this type of backup insurance can make a big difference for individuals, families, companies and organizations facing disasters, losses or lawsuits. Prospective customers can get started today by filling out an easy online quote form. focuses on providing customized insurance solutions. Often we recommend umbrella policies to cover certain risks excepted by auto, home, liability or other insurance policies. For policy holders and family members that live in the same household, an umbrella policy can help with fees for legal defense and other issues.

The umbrella policies we write start at $1,000,000 in additional coverage, and we can write policies with higher limits as well. Its experienced agents cheerfully assist with risk assessments that help its customers choose the right coverage for their situations. A variety of limits and deductible options are available. Because umbrella policies pick up where other policies leave off, they tend to be very affordable, but this type of backup insurance can make a big difference for individuals, families, companies and organizations facing disasters, losses or lawsuits.

Boat Insurance

Premier One can help make your time on the water relaxed and worry-free. It will find you comprehensive protection that protects you, your friends and family, your watercraft and your boating equipment. The average boat costs less than a dollar a day to insure. You’ll enjoy being on the water even more when you aren’t worried about your safety, the safety of your passengers, or your investment.

Here are some items you’ll need to consider when shopping for California boat insurance.

Navigational Area
Know where you are covered in the water. Some insurance companies offer protection that covers you up to 75 miles from the U.S. coastline, into Canadian coastal or inland waters, and into the Pacific coastal waters of Mexico. In California, Florida and Oregon, coverage for additional areas can be purchased.

Agreed Value Coverage
Watercrafts depreciate just like cars. Actual cash value policies can make it difficult to replace a boat that has been stolen or destroyed. This means that if your boat is a total loss you will get the value you insured it for, minus any deductible.

Like car insurance, personal liability coverage provides coverage to other boaters and boat owners in the event you are at-fault for an accident on the water. This coverage will pay to repair or replace the property of someone else as well as for their medical care, lost wages, and other costs incurred as a result of a boating accident for which you are at-fault.

Medical Payments
Medical payments coverage will pay for the cost of needed care that is the result of a boating accident. This coverage is available from $500 to $10,000 and covers you, your passengers, and even your water skiers/tubers, regardless of who is at-fault.

Physical Damage Coverage
Physical damage coverage pays for the cost to repair or replace your watercraft, its motor, any permanently attached equipment, and your trailer if it is stolen or damaged.

Uninsured/Underinsured Watercraft Bodily Injury
Since boat insurance is not always mandatory, many boaters choose not to get insurance. If you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured boater and you are injured, this type of coverage pays for medical treatment, lost wages, and other costs associated with the accident.

Fuel Spill Liability and Wreckage Removal
Should your boat sink or be seriously damaged, there is a chance that it could leak oil or fuel into the water. As the boat’s owner, you are required by law to have this cleaned up, which can be time consuming and expensive.

Personal Effects
Your policy can provide coverage for many personal effects, including clothing, jewelry, cell phones, scuba/snorkeling and other sporting equipment, and fishing equipment. Limits vary by state, so check with it for what’s required in California. Personal effects coverage does not include jewelry, watches or furs.

Unattached Equipment Coverage
This pays to repair or replace equipment that isn’t permanently attached to your boat or personal watercraft, but is designed for use primarily on a boat. This includes items like lifesaving equipment, water skis, anchors, oars, fire extinguishers, tarps, etc.

Emergency Assistance
The Emergency Assistance Package provides coverage for towing, labor and delivery of gas, oil or loaned battery if the watercraft is disabled while on the water.

Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a policy that offers coverage for a specified period or term – one or more years. A term life policy will only pay a death benefit if the insured person dies within that term. If the term expires and the insured person is still living, then there will be no benefit payable.

Usually a term life policy does not have any cash or loan value attached.

When should I consider buying a term life policy?

If your need for death protection is temporary or if the premium cost of a permanent life policy is out of reach, then a term life policy can be the solution.

Due to the fixed term feature of this policy it can typically be used (in the event of your death), to repay a specific debt or loan. Examples of this would include payment of a child’s college expenses or a retirement income should you die before you retire.

Term life insurance is also generally considered to provide the best value for money.  Typically it gives the largest benefit amount, per premium dollar paid.

How does term life insurance differ from permanent life insurance?

Term life insurance provides coverage for a specified term whereas permanent life insurance will give you coverage for the entirety of your life. The premiums for these two policies will therefore differ, with a permanent policy generally requiring higher premium levels.

It is worth noting though that a permanent life insurance policy will often allow for a cash value to accumulate. This cash value can then be used at a later date if required. A term life policy however, will not typically allow for the build up of any cash value and will generally only pay out a final death benefit.

Health Insurance

A healthy body is a happy body, and there’s no better way to preserve your health and your family’s health than with a health insurance policy from Premier One.

Types of Health Insurance in California

There are basically three major types of California health insurance policies to choose from: consumer-directed, fee for service, and managed care. These health insurance plans help cover your medical, surgical, and hospital expenses. They may even cover dental expenses, mental health services, and prescription drugs, depending on the coverage you choose.

A consumer-directed health plan (a.k.a. “consumer-driven” or “consumer choice”) is a newer type of healthcare plan that’s designed to give you more control. As part of the plan, you setup a health fund that can be used to cover medical expenses.

Fee for Service
A fee for service plan is a more traditional healthcare plan. It means you pay a fee to your provider for every healthcare service you receive. The benefit of this type of health insurance plan is that it allows for a lot of flexibility when choosing a physician or healthcare provider.

Managed Care
Members of managed care health plans generally enjoy more benefits like lower out-of-pocket costs. However, you can only receive treatment from physicians that participate in the managed care network. Typical managed care plans include health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPO), and point-of service (POS) plans.

Common Health Insurance Terms

When discussing health insurance with an agent, it helps to understand some of the common terms you’ll hear. Below you’ll find definitions to some of the most common health insurance terms.

Deductible – The amount of money you pay toward medical bills before your insurance coverage begins.
Co-pay – A specified amount of money you pay upfront for doctor visits and prescription refills.
Coinsurance – The percentage of medical bills you pay after meeting the deductible.

Disability Insurance

What happens to individuals who suddenly become disabled? What happens to their families?
If they had the foresight to purchase disability insurance, chances are things will be much easier. Premier One works with Californians to provide affordable disability insurance that can make a big difference for those who become disabled. The right disability insurance helps to protect families and assets in the event of a health crisis or debilitating injury.

Disability Benefits

A variety of disability insurance options are available from Premier One. Its experienced agents work with employers to offer disability insurance benefits to employees, and it also offer disability options to individuals. Disability insurance policies available to employers include workers compensation liability insurance as well as additional disability benefit options. Private and group opt-in policies available through Premier One include

Disability Income Insurance: A policy that offers income replacement and pays out monthly in the event that the insured party becomes disabled due to a covered injury or illness
Mortgage Disability Income Insurance: A policy that protects the insured by making mortgage payments in the event of disability due to a covered injury or illness
Individual Credit Disability Insurance: A policy that assists with loan repayment in the event that the insured becomes totally disabled.

Business Insurance

Rather than working for a single insurance carrier as a direct insurance agency, Premier One Insurance partners with many top insurers to provide competitive pricing and value to customers. Its insurance agents don’t believe in offering one-size-fits-all insurance plans. Instead, it take the time to learn about each corporate client and customize insurance policies and strategies to fit current needs. Since Premier One works with several insurance carriers, companies doing business with it don’t need to change insurance agents when they grow or experience other changes that effect their insurance needs.

Corporate Insurance Products

Premier One Insurance is a full-service insurance agency, meaning it can help corporations with everything from liability coverage to employee benefits. Its menu of available corporate insurance products includes

General liability coverage for day-to-day business operations
Business property insurance for buildings as well as inventory and other business personal property
Business owners policies that combine general liability and business property coverage
Commercial vehicle insurance for company-owned as well as non-owned vehicles
Workers compensation insurance to protect employees and the company in case of injuries on the job
Group health benefits to keep employees healthy
Group life insurance for the security of employees and their families
Group dental plans to keep employees happy and healthy
Corporate umbrella coverage for additional protection
Industry-specific business insurance packages for companies in certain fields

how can i contact Premier One Insurance?

100 Pacifica Suite 480
Irvine, California 92618

Phone: 949-727-2025
Fax: 800-990-3470

Email: [email protected]

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